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Visit Temburong National Park, Cruise on Temburong River, Enjoy the Canopy Walkway, Stay on our Freme Lodge and Avail our Teambuilding Programs!

B16/B17 Ulu Temburong National Park Day Tour B16/B17 Ulu Temburong National Park Day Tour - This is an introduction to Brunei’s unique wilderness rainforest region. The Ulu Temburong National Park is protected and preserved for scientific research and low impact visitors. This day excursion is a short immersion in this amazing environment, for people with limited time. An amazing snapshot to a environment that is well protected for all to see.

B20 & B21 Ulu Temburong National Park: 2-Days / 1-Night Rainforest Lodge B20 & B21 Ulu Temburong National Park: 2-Days / 1-Night Rainforest Lodge - You will travel by local water taxi from Bandar through a network of rivers and channels around the back of Brunei Bay, passing by dense mangrove islands and possibly see wildlife searching for food or enjoying the afternoon sun.

B23 Temburong Culture Experience Tour B23 Temburong Culture Experience Tour - This day excursion is a short immersion into an amazing tradition and culture of the local people of Temburong. You will travel by local water taxi from Bandar through a network of rivers and channels around the back of Brunei Bay. Passing by dense mangrove islands and possibly see some of the local wildlife, that maybe enjoying the early morning sunrays or looking for some tasty morsels of food.

B23 Temburong Culture Experience Tour Do's & Don'ts When Going To Ulu Temburong National Park & Other Recreational Park

Do try to wear clothes that cover your legs and arms fully as there is no telling what kind of wild plants and insects you may come in contact with, leading to severe allergies. It is also a good idea to wear layers in the jungle instead of relying on one item of clothing.

Do be calm at all times in the jungle as this helps to relax the animals as well. Keep your excitement and enthusiasm under wraps.

Do stick to your jungle guide and group at all times.

Do take only what you need to the jungle. Some jungle expeditions are weary and the extra equipment like tripods, munchies and the like will not only create a ruckus but also tire you out soon.

Do bring Sunglasses, sunscreens and sunhats. It protects you from the harsh rays of the Sun and prevent sunburns. It is also wise to wear comfortable and covered shoes with socks instead of floaters and other footwear that exposes the foot.

Do carry your medication with you in case you are allergic to animal fur or dust.

Do be prepared with a good camera and stock up on extra film before embarking on the expedition. Also, consult the jungle guide before taking pictures or shooting videos.

Do check your boots before slipping your foot in.

Do all your travelling during the day and never at night because that is when all the big mean, nasty, critters come out.

Do cross water slowly and out only at shallow & narrow places, rush across only if you see danger.

Do try moving backwards to undo yourself if you get entangled in some vines.

Do build a smoky fire to reduce insects bites or smear mud on exposed skin.

Don’t feed the wild animals. One cannot predict how the animals will behave once you feed them and stop. Also, it changes the eating habits of the creatures of the jungle.

Don’t leave any litter behind especially plastic. The jungle is home to several wild animals.

Don’t be ignorant if you observe irresponsible behavior on part of the staff or visitors and report the authorities as soon as possible.

Don’t get too close when in an attempt to observe animals. You will either scare them away or invite retaliation. Also, do not try to make friends with the wild animals in the jungle.

Don’t prance about collecting samples of stone, leaves, and bird feathers in the jungle.

Don’t create a ruckus while taking pictures and shooting videos. Keep the flash mode off and you will do everybody a favor.

Don’t use any combustible substances in the jungle

Don’t carry cell phones in the jungle or keep them switched off during the course of the safari. Sounds such as those of cell phone will annoy our furry friends

Don’t disturb the animals or aggravate them by throwing stones and trying to grab their attention.

Don’t grab or part vegetation with our hands, always use a stick or you just might get thorned, stung or bitten.

Don’t urinate in water; always check yourself for leeches after a water crossing.

Don’t camp near stagnant water, ant hills or where animals have been eating & staying.

Don’t drink water from plant that produces milky sap or taste sour and bitter.

B23 Temburong Culture Experience Tour What To Bring When Going To Ulu Temburong National Park

What To Bring :
We Will Provide:

• A change of dry clothes for the trip home (Optional)

• Comfortable clothing that can get wet and/or dirty

• Old shoes (that can get wet and dry) with a good grip for
walking over slippery ground

• Swimmers and small towel

• Camera

• Lots of sun protection making an effective sun hat (preferrably with chin strap)

• Some small snacks if you think you'll get hungry on route (please don't drop the wrappers)

• Plastic bags to waterproof your valuable items (e.g camera) on the river trips

• Your favorite insect repellent

• Your sense of adventure!

• All meals and morning/afternoon teas

• All transport - Road and River

• Lots of things to see and do

• A trained guide to describe the area and its wildlife

• All safety equipment

• Rain Cap, in case of rain

• Air-conditioned bunkroom style acommodation*

• Beds, beddings, sheets etc *


* (for overnight stay at Freme's Rainforest Lodge)



The call of a proboscis monkey. The thrill of a speedboat cutting through jungle waters. Unspoiled. Untamed. Unbelievable.

Early European explorers told tales of the exotic wonders found on the island of Borneo. Rare orchids with blooms as large as dinner plates. Elusive monkeys with long, curved noses. Rivers that snake through uncharted forests. And green, verdant shades never before seen. This is Temburong, and all it beholds the adventurous traveller today.

Temburong is a living tribute to Brunei’s dedication to preserving one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. The Ulu Temburong National Park offers visitors a peek at a world untouched by man, from above or below the forest canopy. The simple culture of the Bornean longhouse community can also be seen — a complete and unforgettable Borneo experience.
(More from: Brunei Tourism)

* Itinerary stated above are only for reference. Final itinerary / program will be given by tour guide on tour date.
* Tour guide reserves the final decision to change the itinerary due to unforeseeable reason.


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